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Worldwide Image Air Cargo Innovation Award 2015 Finalist

CargoClaims streamlines the claims handling process within the air cargo industry. By connecting all cargo supply chain parties on a centralized platform, connected stakeholders are offered efficiency, transparency and an increased speed of service recovery.

The IATA cargo innovation awarded platfrom increases the customer experience and contributes to the competitiveness of the air cargo product.



The Air Cargo Industry is lacking from an transparent and standardized claims handling process.
Massive flow of emails, many different airline procedures and individual airline claims portals is negatively affecting the customer experience and the competitiveness of the air cargo product.


The Air Cargo Industry needs a standardized and optimized claim handling process between the shipper and airline. Communication should become transparent and efficiency must benefit all stakeholders involved.


Cargo Claims delivers an industry multi stakeholder platform enabling shippers to submit claims to ANY airline within ONE platform. Airlines are offered a complete suite of integrated tools to manage their claims process with optimized efficiency.


JOIN us, SUPPORT us and contribute to the ULTIMATE customer experience in claims handling


CargoHub at IATA 12th CCLP Conference - Raoul Paul -

CargoHub at IATA 12th CCLP  Conference - Raoul Paul

Brussels Airlines at 12th CCLP Conference - Daphne van Landuyt -

Brussels Airlines at 12th CCLP Conference -  Daphne van Landuyt

Cargo Claims offers you an easy way for electronically lodging cargo claims.
Your cargo claim can be submitted to the carrier involved in the contract of carriage.

The CARGO Claims software will provide you all the tools to manage your cargo claim. You will receive confirmation of your claim immediately after its submission. Claim departments of the selected Carrier will be notified and instructed to process your cargo claim with priority.

We offer you 24/7 tracking information on your cargo claims.

How to submit a Cargo Claim

  • Complete the details of your claim in the submittance form
  • Attach the necessary documents
  • You will receive our confirmation immediately
  • Your claim will be processed by Claim departments of the selected airlines with priority

How E-claims service will benefit our customers

  • Submit your claim in just a few easy steps
  • Immediate confirmation of receipt per email
  • Providing our customer 24/7 online registration
  • Increases the speed of processing your cargo claim
  • Online tracking of claims processing 24/7
  • Providing overview of all your cargo claims
  • All communication and documentation stored with your account

Receipt by the person entitled to delivery of the cargo without complaint shall be prima facie evidence that the cargo has been delivered in good condition and in accordance with the contract of carriage.
In the case of loss of, damage or delay to cargo a complaint must be made to the Carrier by the person entitled to delivery.

Based upon the time limits as set forth in the Warsaw Convention as amended at the Hague 1955 and the Montreal Convention 1999, a preliminary claim must be filed shortly after receipt of your shipment.
The time limits reffered to above are:

Time periods for filing a claim:

A cargo claim is a written complaint demanding financial compensation for damage, loss or delay of cargo whilst under a contract of carriage.

Damage To consignment whole or in part   14 days from receiving consignment
Loss Loss of whole consignment 120 days from the AWB issuing date
Partial Loss Loss of part of the consignment   14 days from receiving consignment
Delay To complete consignment or part of it   21 days from the placing date
Pilferage To consignment whole or in part   14 days from receiving consignment

Applicable laws:

Relevant articles:

This software is using E-mail technology to forward the information submitted to this application to the intended recipient. Although we are updating our contacts in accordance with the latest information available, we shall not accept any liability in case your data doesn't reach the recipient, for any reason, technical or caused by human error.

If you did not receive a copy of your data by e-mail after submitting a claim, or notice that the automatically provided addresses are incorrect,
please contact or by telephone: +31(0)6 43216457.


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